High Quality Portable External Hard Drive

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    Full-Angle Protection


    • External Interface:USB
    • Internal Interface:IDE
    • Products Status:Stock

    Key Features

    This is the best external hard drive and portable hard disk to suit all your needs, supporting plug-and-play and high-speed connectivity. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Window7, and Mac. We also sell many other types of external hard disks. Contact to learn more.

    Beyond IP68 to withstand the unexpected

    ADATA external storage expertise results in a drive with total dust-tight protection and a submarine-like ability to survive water.

    Takes shocks like a true warrior with military-grade toughness

    The HD710 Pro holds up against shocks, drops, and vibrations thanks to its extra-rugged triple-layered construction.

    Guarded by durable triple-layered construction

    No matter what you store inside, the HD710 Pro's exterior delivers supreme protection.

    Exclusive Shock vibration sensing technology

    Lesser external drives keep trying to work even if they fall or encounter a shock, resulting in errors and bad sectors. 

    Pick your capacity

    With 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB, you get the flexibility of great external storage for your needs.

    Neat cable management

    The drive has a nifty groove that goes around its shell, serving as convenient storage for the detachable USB cable. 

    Ergonomic waterproof port cover

    Unlike other so-called external durable drives, the HD710 Pro has an easy to use USB port cover.